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Monolithic concrete structures floating over the manicured landscape – each with the potential to direct you to a new location/destination.Yet no one in sight. Is this the end or just the beginning?

overpass-059 overpass-013a overpass-015a overpass-020a overpass-027 overpass-076-c

Part of an ongoing series of industrial structures. These new images were selected for the AP-29 book.

Smokestack Industrial Building

John Tong can take a roll of black tape and a blank wall and make magic!

Architectural designer John Tong (+tongtong) has always been able to think outside the box.

In this project he reconfigured the box as a line drawing.
Tongtong_Rack#2 Tongtong_Rack_Detail Tongtong_Rack_#2Detail Tongtong_Rack#6

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